First Christmas at Badarwas - India


December 2013


The first Christmas at Badarwas the new harvest entrusted into the hands of Daughters of Divine Zeal by the Divine Harvester was really an Emmanuel experience.

Really it’s true for the community of believers here. Here we could see a needy harvest really longing for the arrival of ‘Messiah’. Yes; we have come here as little messengers of the good news, “a child is born for us… 

The question which was put forward by Sancone that moved our Fr. Founder “ Who will tell about god to me? ”is surely not outdated; still it has the relevance. The  Divine Rogationist has entrusted a vast, fertile and flourishing harvest to us. In their eyes  we could see the hunger of their souls and the expectations of their hearts. To work more for the poor of the villages, illiterated, sick and the aged demands a lot of patience, courage, endurance  and faith.It also reminds us the greatness of our call. So we have taken all initiatives  to prepare them for Christmas.

In collaboration with our parish priest we arranged  the sacrament of reconciliation for all the parishners. A parish choir was prepared by Sr. Rose Mary to welcome baby Jesus and to express the joy and peace of  Christmas night. We have also started the catechism for the children. And few days before Christmas they all came  and we all put our hearts and minds together to decorate the church and to prepare the crib and all. Those days were really the moments of God’s grace.

Eventhough the people around are rich in wealth; but poor in culture. They are unaware of the use of money. It needs time and efforts  to educate them and to bring them up. Though we are strangers for them, they welcome us whole heartedly. The Christmas celebration that we arranged in the school also helped us to throw a sparkle of Christianity to the Hindu students and to their parents about which they are totally ignored. And they are so enthusiastic to join with us for all our initiatives.

The Christmas that we celebrated with this poor people really enkindled our heart with a special joy and peace; that the Lord has born for the salvation of the poor and abandoned. Here in our day today life we cannot find many things which are necessary. But the Emmanuel experience really nourishes us .Like Mo.Nazarena we also profess “If Jesus is here, that’s enough for us.” We believe  everything will go on well through his providential hands.








































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