A surprise visit of the Bishop of Allentown


Reading, 2 marzo 2014


Last March 2nd the Most Rev. Bishop John Barres celebrated Mass at Holy Rosary Parish.  He meet the parishioners before and after mass. He asked some people how were they after a couple of years that their pastor Rev. Msgr. Felix Losito passed away. The parishioners were happy for his visit.  He met and talked also to the CCD children who were at their first year of preparation for the receptions of the Sacrament of Confirmation.

The sisters opened the Religious Residence for the Bishop. He came to the convent before the mass but the three sisters were not there.  They were teaching CCD classes at school.  They did not meet him. But after the mass and greeted the parishioners the Bishop came back to visit the convent.  All the sisters welcomed and greeted him.  He was very friendly, happy and grateful for what the sisters were doing in the parish.  While they were greeting him they were trying to take picture but then he invited them to have a group picture, so they did!  They prepared something for him but he said that he could not stay long for he will be attending the Gala Dinner at the Crown Plaza Hotel for the Catholic Charities Fundraising.  His visit was quick but it left a feeling of assurance of being united with Christ Jesus.  



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