Prima Professione Religiosa-Suor M Sandhya


Sampaloor IN, primo giugno


La Zona Indiana loda e ringrazia il Signore perchè nella sua bontà continua a chiamare giovani ben disposte a seguirLo tra le Figlie del Divino Zelo, in modo speciale esultiamo per la Prima Professione di Suor M Sandhya. Riportiamo la testimonianza di gioia per questo grande dono della vocazionale.

“My heart praises the Lord, and my soul is glad because God my saviour has remembered me his lowly servant and he has done great things for me.” While my heart is signing the praises with the Virgin Mary, I am so grateful to Lord of the harvest who has called me to the religious life to become a holy worker in his vineyard.  On the day of my first commitment to God, his voice echoed in my heart, “ Sandhya, you are mine.” Yes I belong to Him completely and through my religious profession this was made clear to the public and the whole church.  I am thankful to the congregation who helped me to walk on the way of Christ, especially to Mother General, Mother  M. Teolinda, Madre M. Rosa, our delegate superior and all the councillors. I am also so grateful to all my formators and priests who accompanied me to this day of my religious profession. I am profoundly thankful to God who has called me and consecrated me to be his forever. Sr. M. Sandhya





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