Consulta Prov. OLDZ


Marikina, 28 -30 Dic.


The Sisters coming from all the communities of the Province gathered in the community of Marikina for the Consulta Provinciale in preparation for the Provincial Chapter.  Forty three members of our circumscription came together to reflect on our journey, on what we have accomplished or failed to do, on what we are doing so as to give direction to our future endeavors.  The meeting started with a prayer to the Holy Spirit asking to grant us to have an open heart and a willing spirit to be led by the Lord.  We asked for the grace to be persons who know how to discern the actions of God in our life. 

The Provincial Superior, Mother M. Elna D. Casimsiman, welcomed the Sisters after the liturgy and proceeded to introduce Fr. Dexter Prudenciano, rcj, the facilitator of the 3-day assembly.  He guided us in the preparatory phase of the formulation of the Provincial Directory through various group works done by Sectors.  In the morning, we reviewed the articles from the General Normative Directory, which was pre-assigned to the different Sectors, and prepared to present the results to the assembly.  The reporting was done in the afternoon.  

We also had the joy of celebrating together the birthday of our beloved Provincial Superior, Mother Elna.  From morning to evening, the Sisters prepared surprises for her – the festive greetings during breakfast, the celebration of the liturgy for her intentions during the midday prayer and the unique program in the evening after dinner.  All these were done as our way of expressing our love and gratitude to her for the maternal concern she shows to us. 

These two events is indeed a joyful reminder to us of God’s nearness, a celebration of His being Emmanuel.  For these great blessings of our loving God, we express our great joy and gratitude.

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