Grazie per il luogo multi uso a Boanio


Indonesia, 2018


God made all things possible in his own time….Heavens have heard our cry.  It has been almost 3 years of dreaming and desiring to have a decent place where we can serve the Children for their catechism, for feeding program, Recollection and other meetings and livelihood programs to help uplift the life of the tribesmen whom we are serving with. Now, all these came true.

Our mission station in Wolokune, Indonesia is localized within a remote area, surrounded by big and small mountains, and a thick forest where a panorama of the 2 Volcanoes named Abulobo and Iniria speak of God’s infinite greatness to His wonderful creation.

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The sisters who came before me were staying in a small sacristy as our temporary shelter while waiting for the construction of our small and simple community house. Joining them, I began to take my part in ministering the people around, to an adventure of communicating through actions since I didn’t know the language yet. 

I started with the 3 kids who used to come and play in front of the sacristy and helped me in the cleaning and I got to relate with them as they responded me in the same way I did.

Every day, I would ask them if they had eaten already and they will answer, “Belum” which means not yet. Seeing them, pale and tired I felt compassion within me and started to feed them. However, looking at them seating anywhere while eating, a question crossed in my mind “why not make a decent place where these children can eat properly”?  It was then that the dream of having the Aula (multi-purpose hall) was conceived.

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I was given the approval to do the “Mission Appeal” in the Philippines. I went around to the different Dioceses - Urdaneta, Laoag, Imus, and Baguio. The meeting with the Reverend Bishops, touched me a lot that I did not find hard to present our cause for Mission appeal. 

Their support was for me a clear indication that God wants us to put up an ‘aula’ for the benefit of our poor children.

With the letter from the Bishops through his Priests, I was able to go around to the different parishes and schools wherein I received a generous help from Fr. Randy de Jesus (Filipino) and Fr. Francis Gela (Indonesian Priest assigned in Baguio) who untiringly  helped me to talk on our mission in Indonesia. Likewise, the support from our different Communities also inspired me to become more zealous and energetic to go around begging without shame or fear like our Father founder for the cause of the children.

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I am truly grateful for those people whose generosity are overflowing. I am also happy for the support and approval of our Mo. General with her council and with Mo. Provincial with her Council that we were able to start the construction of the aula and most of all to the Divine Providence which was manifested through the continuous help of the family of Ms. Devina and some friends until we finally finished the aula. God is never outdone in goodness! He never abandons us of those moments that we are in need of financial support.

Now, the Aula is totally complete, the Children started to come for the Catechism, while every Wednesday we have the Mothers who come for livelihood program, bringing their own material for Anyaman (weaving materials). There are still other conceived projects for children, the youth and some mothers like sewing, herbal medicines and rosary making.  We hope that our proposal to DINAS would be granted so that we can have machines for the sewing skills training program.

God makes all things beautiful in His own time. May we continue serving the Lord of the harvest through the people he has entrusted to our care.  

May the intercessions of our Blessed Mother Mary, our Father Founder- St. Hannibal Mary di Francia and Mother Nazarena guide us to spread the Rogate in our little way especially on the way we live.        

Suor Imelda Tacad, fdz


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