Da Newport (Australia)


It is a great joy for me to share my pastoral work experience in the Diocese of Broken Bay, NSW, in the country of Australia.  The spirit of Rogate that inspired the life of Father Founder Hannibal Mary Di Francia animates all my actions and intentions every time I visit the elderly in their homes and in the different nursing homes, and when I meet people around the corners of the tranquil suburbs of Monavale, Newport and Avalon.  It is heart-warming when church goers look for us and ask about us Sisters whenever we are unable to attend the usual Mass schedules in the two Parishes of Sacred Heart in Monavale and Maria Regina in Avalon.

            My life evolves around visiting and answering the pastoral needs of the eight Nursing Homes and Retirement Villages in the two Parishes of Sacred Heart and Maria Regina.  It is very sad to see the elderly alone and lonely.  Every time I come to visit them, they would always entreat me to stay longer.  They need someone to talk to and to listen to them.  Visiting the elderly in these two parishes is a bit difficult and draining because the two parishes are located at opposite ends of our abode.  However, I get tremendous joy and satisfaction in offering myself for love of God in the service of my brothers and sisters.

            There is definitely a great need for more and holy vocations not only in poor countries, but also in technologically and economically advanced countries.  May many feel the need to work and to pray for our brethren in places like where I am now.


                                                                Suor M. Rosalinda Legisan, fdz


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