Cochin - con gli anziani di religioni diverse


God has given us another opportunity to spread the Charism of Rogate in this year of 150th anniversary of the inspiration of Rogate to Father Hannibal, in a new place called Hyderabad; it is a place part of South India with different language, culture and traditions. To sow the seed of Rogate among the poor and the abandoned children and to prepare good citizens for the society. God has called us to plant a tree of compassion and love that comes out from the compassionate Heart of Christ. On 28th of July our three sisters; Sr.M.Sheeba Adapilly, Sr.M.Kochuthresia Vinamcy and Sr.M. Sandhy B. Sathi accompanied by Mother Delegate Mother  Maria Barabara after the Holy Mass presided by Fr.Varghese RCJ  step out to start  a new journey. The courageous Yes of the sisters to the new challenges opens the way to spread and to proclaim the Good News.    Delegation “Mother and Queen of Rogate”