Maumere - Pastorale Vocazionale





Consecrated life is the precious jewels of the Church, a vivid expression of Christ love for humanity and the beauty of it lies in its mystery.

The diocese of Maumere though still young and small as a diocese is already shinning with the presence of 29 religious congregations of men and women.  Since majority of these congregations are just very new in this country and still not known to the native of the place we need to propagate our charism and apostolates through vocation promotion.  But then since we are too many not included the neighboring dioceses; we need to be together in doing vocation promotion in order not to chaos the schools’ schedule.

Last October up to the 1st week of December we had a parade of schedules in the calendar which done successfully though it was just our first move.  Our success was not merely in the smooth flow of the activities but above all in building harmonious relationships among us religious.  We started to know and appreciate each other’s uniqueness and giftedness as a congregation in the local and universal Church.

Our aspirants were also involved as well as the others too especially for those Sisters who can’t speak well bahasa Indonesia. 

In our resent evaluation the aspirants participating the vocation promotion activities expresses that during those activities  they feel  more  part of  their respective  congregation and learn to understand that every congregation is unique and that they see themselves as properly placed by God in where they are now. 

Notwithstanding it was indeed an enriching experience of vocation promotion of unity in diversity of the congregations.  We are indeed   being strengthened and the gap that walled us before collapses.

Yes, we are challenge to qualify more our witnessing of life in this deformed world.  

Therefore we beg the Blessed Mother, the first and faithful follower of Jesus to pray and assist us in our journey of faith in following her Son so as to be always an unceasing sign of Christ’ love for humanity.  So be it.




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