Professione Perpetua


Cochin, 9 settembre

I did the Final Profession 9 September 2009 in our parish St.Sebastian’s church,Shantinagar, in India. On this  occasion, his grace the most Rev. Dr. Daniel Acharuparambil, the  Archbishop of Verapoly celebrate the Holy Eucharist.

First of all I am saying thanks to God to gave me this special grace. The religious life is a grace and I should sing thanks to God.  I publically announced that  I am only and fully for Jesus   through my Perpetul vows and offer myself for Jesus. I will keep  only Jesus in my heart. Everyday I try to be faithful to God. Everything is only for God. This is a very  good event and a precious moment  in  my life. God you are the centre of my  life. Everyday I will walk with Jesus.

In my everyday prayer I am asking to God the fidelity of service in His  harvest. I am sure that God  will give me the grace to live faithfully in the Religious life.       Sr. Mary  Treasa Kalloor


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